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Ultimaker 3D printers, where high-definition printing has no limits.

Born in Utrecht, Ultimaker 3D printer company has been selling ambitious 3D printers starting from 2011. Renowned around the world for its print quality, the company produces high-end 3D printing systems of a very high standard. It counts three manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, USA, and Singapore. 

Their main focus? Providing frustration-free, reliable machines able to print high-definition 3D models. Goal achieved! Indeed, Ultimaker products stand out for their superior reliability, dynamism, excellent quality, and consistent operation. In short, they print like a charm.

In addition, Ultimaker sticks to an open-source policy. Indeed, after each launch, it releases the blueprint of the device allowing anyone to replicate, upgrade, and modify it according to their needs.

Ultimaker 3D printers

The brand provides cutting-edge 3d printing technologies that combine solid frame and stylish design. All its printers work flawlessly and support a huge variety of materials. The product line currently includes the Ultimaker Original+, the S5, the 3 and 3 Extended, and the 2+ and 2 Extended+. 

Self-assembly Original+

Their first complete model, the Ultimaker Original, has been designed to be easily produced by laser cutting and assembling wooden parts. Sold as a DIY 3D printer, it was mainly aimed to hobbyists and makers. This model is a milestone in Ultimaker history, so much that a restyled and updated version of the old kit - the Original+ - is still available for sale. It is the cheapest Ultimaker 3D printer. Its setup is a piece of cake. The UltiController shows all the menus necessary to prepare the printer. When printing, a fine-tuning menu let you manage all printing settings. The Original+ is able to print accurate models of almost any shape within a printing size of 210x210x205mm at a considerable speed. Its layer resolution ranges from 200 to 20 microns. It can be easily upgraded and modified according to your printing preferences.

Fully assembled models

Ultimaker also sells three different kinds of preassembled professional printers: S5, 3, and 2+. According to their specs, all three can be considered top grade printing machines. 

Let’s start from the basic ones, the 2+ and the 2 Extended+. These printers are worthy allies for designers, engineers, students, and more. Accurate and reliable, they are also highly flexible thanks to the range of materials supported. Indeed, they are suitable for almost any application, from rapid prototyping to one-to-one customization. Their core features are interchangeable nozzles, heated glass build plate, and innovative feeder to easily change filament. As with other models from Ultimaker, their layer resolution ranges from 600 to 20 microns according to the nozzle used.

Compared to previous versions, the Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended feature a dual extrusion system which enables printing multi-material and soluble parts, active bed leveling, and a built-in material recognition system. They also include a build plate with active leveling and internet connection.

The S5 is the top range of Ultimaker. It combines professional large-scale performance with an accessible price. The printer is clean, simple-to-use, and office-friendly. It encompasses all functionalities above-mentioned with some extras. It shows a closed front to optimize airflow and cooling process, filament sensors to detect when filament end, and a build volume of 330x240x300mm. The Ultimaker S5 allows printing high-quality complex 3D models of considerable size over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or from a USB stick.

All Ultimaker products are backed by positive reviews from happy users, who find them worth their cost. Then, if you decide to buy an Ultimaker 3D printer, you can be sure that it will surely come up to your expectations.

Not only professionals

Ultimaker advanced technologies are widely used in different fields. Schools and universities find Ultimaker printers useful to let students learn by doing and to introduce them to digital manufacturing. Someone use it in jewelry to produce bracelets, earrings, and more. Someone else has even built an Ultimaker 3D printer for chocolate, isn't it amazing?

Lifetime support & more

Ultimaker offers a range of additional products and services. On the website, you can easily find add-ons, replacement parts, filaments, software, expert support, and a direct link to the official Ultimaker Community. Whether you’re looking for guides, information about how to prepare printing files or adjust parts, and Youtube tutorials, simply ask and you shall receive.

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