Mass Portal 3D Printers

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Mass Portal 3D printers, a versatile and open solution for your 3D printing needs.

Mass Portal 3D printers are desktop devices engineered with an open material system. These high-definition printers are produced by the Latvia-based Mass Portal company. Born in 2012, the company released its first FDM Pharaoh delta 3D printer, which can be considered its flagship product. An upgraded version of the Pharaoh was then released in 2014. This new generation of printers, mainly aimed at rapid prototyping and educational use, stood-out for its high-quality outputs. In 2016, the company launched the Dynasty Additive Manufacturing System, the first Mass Portal self-developed technology targeted to the low-volume production of plastic components.

Fast, quiet and highly stable, Mass Portal 3D printers are made of quality components. They let your print uninterruptedly granting print consistency and reliability over time. Thanks to their open material system, Mass Portal devices can print with 3D printing 1.75mm filaments from any vendor. No matter the material you choose, you will always get top-notch print results. 


Mass Portal 3D printers

Mass Portal lineup is composed of the XD desktop series, the Mass Portal D production series, and the Dynasty industrial series.

Mass Portal XD series includes a couple of high-resolution desktop 3D printers, the XD20 and XD30, which mainly differ in sizes. Both XD devices feature automatic calibration, user-friendly touchscreen interface, a closed print chamber with air filtration system, all-metal hotends, a glass bed, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an on-board camera. They can be safely used by both newbies and seasoned users for several applications.

The D series includes the Mass Portal D600 3D printer. The device has a build volume of 400 x 400 x 580mm. It features a rock-solid structure and an automatic feed switching, which lets you reliably print without interruption 24/7. With a positioning accuracy of 6 microns and a print resolution of 50 microns, it provides high-definition, repeatable prints. Its quality construction requires almost no maintenance.

Dynasty is an automated print management technology. It enables unattended 24/7 low-volume production of plastic parts. It is engineered with automated calibration, ned mounting, and storage automation. It lets you control up to 56 3D printing devices at a time and it is entirely scalable and adaptable. It comes bundled with FabControl, a dedicated production management program. Also, it is compatible with 3rd-party hardware.


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