Creality 3D printers

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Creality 3D printers, experience 3D printing like never before.

The award-winning Creality 3D printers are widely known in the 3D printer community for their accuracy, stability, and affordability. With always an eye on user convenience, Creality devices are extremely easy to hack giving you the possibility to customize them according to your personal needs. Still, they come with above-average sized build volumes and high flexibility. 

Produced by the Chinese Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd, Creality 3D printers are perfect either for newbies and experts. You will surely find your perfect match at the best price within their product catalog. The ongoing upgrades provided by the Creality specialized R&D team bring more to the 3D printing hungry masses. No matter who you are, Creality will surely have you covered.

Creality 3D printers

Creality high-precision desktop 3D printers can be split into three categories: standard filament devices, Pro ones, and resin DP series. 

Standard line

The Creality FDM printers are mainly available for sale as kits. Thanks to their modular design, they are really quick and easy to set up and also to take apart for any upgrades. This means that you don’t need to be a tinkering type to get them up and running.

The standard models include the Creality3D CR-10 series, the Creality CR-20, and the Creality Ender series. This first collection might be considered as an entry-level offer. It provides all the basic features required to enter the 3D printing universe saving some money while obtaining amazing 3D outputs. 

Creality CR-10 series

If you are looking for 3D printers for hobby use, the super-popular large-format Creality CR-10 series might be a big hit. It counts the Creality CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10 Mini, Cr-10 Max, CR-10 S4, CR-10 S5, and the Creality’s first dual-extruder printer, the CR-X. These inexpensive aluminum devices with stand-alone controller offer great printing quality, high-precision, huge build volumes, low prices and a bunch of useful features for a seamless 3D printing experience. The S5 is the biggest model of the CR-10 family. It boasts a build volume of 500mm³. It has a great feature set including all the improvements released by the Creality team after the launch of the first Creality CR-10 model in 2017. Specifically, it comes with filament runout detection sensor, auto-resume function, heated removable bed, and Micro-SD card slot for stand-alone printing. Then, you only have to make your g-code 3D file format using any compatible slicing software like Slic3r or Cura to start printing right away. 

Ender 3 and Creality CR-20

Like the CR-10 series, either the Ender series and the CR-20 show a bare-bones aluminum structure. The open-source Ender 3 is one of the most popular low-cost 3d printers available on the market. It shows a compact, sturdy design and wide compatibility with different materials. These attributes make the Ender 3 a great choice for both beginners and makers on a budget. Indeed, it perfectly combines affordability and quality.

The CR-20 appears to many as an upgraded version of the Ender 3. Despite its print area of 220x220x250mm, it is perfect for home and education use. It comes with some noteworthy features which ensure smooth operation and top-notch printing results. Indeed, it includes a resume print option, a built-in screen that allows managing and adjusting printing on-the-fly, and upgraded electronics. In addition, thanks to its maximum nozzle temperature of 260°C and a maximum hotbed temperature of 110°C, it supports printing with a variety of materials (PLA, ABS, PETG, flexible and exotic filaments).

Needless to say, all the standard Creality printers can be upgraded to edge out their Pro counterparts. For instance, you might replace the original hotends with metal ones in order to print at higher temperature with filaments like Polycarbonate and Nylon. You can also freely upgrade their drivers, firmware, and more.

Pro line

Creality Pro printers are a great resource for well-heeled consumers and experts. Compared to the standard models, they have lots of additional bells and whistles bringing them up to a professional level. The Pro lineup includes the Creality3D Ender 3 Pro, the CR-20 Pro, and the CR-10S Pro, which are extremely versatile devices, yet cost-effective and easy to use. Starting from all the basic functions featured by the standard models, these new versions are equipped with some cool upgrades that make them more functioning than the basic ones. The main advanced features include removable magnetic heated plate, Capricorn Teflon tubing, Y-axis improvements, and auto bed-leveling function.

Customer support

Being one of the top-selling company in the 3D printing universe, Creality also provides a range of cost-effective accessories and services. Each Creality product is covered by 1-year warranty and lifetime support. Direct customer service ensures short-term professional support while the official YouTube channel provides you with many video tutorials useful to deal with your Creality 3D printer.

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