Formlabs Resins

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Formlabs resins, performance and reliable materials for professional applications.

Formlabs resins are self-developed SLA materials designed to deliver top-notch outputs. Each resin is custom formulated to provide advanced mechanical properties ideal for use in several applications, such as engineering, dentistry, and jewelry. The company produces both standard and functional resins meeting almost any SLA printing demand. The specialty materials include durable, castable, elastic, high temp resins and many others. The different mechanical properties make for professional-grade performance while delivering highly detailed prints tailored to your project requirements.

Formlabs resin can be used to create functional parts, realistic prototypes, industry tools, and decorations in short times cutting the production costs while increasing your productivity. The material library includes a variety of resin types and colors. Whether you are an engineer, a jewelry designer, a dentist or a maker, you’ll only have to choose the resin that best suits your needs and start creating unique designs.


Formlabs resin library

The proprietary material lineup includes standard and advanced resins. Standard Resins are capable of reproducing minute details while offering a reasonable level of strength and toughness. The advanced ones encompass Engineering, Jewelry, Dental, and Ceramic resins, which are available in a variety of formulas and finish.

Engineering Resins are commonly used for the production of functional prototypes. Their adaptability and reliability allow reducing the cost of rapid prototyping and small-scale manufacturing while increasing the production volume. Jewelry Resins are tailored to the creation of highly-detailed castable models with high resolution and optimum finish. Dental Resins are aimed at professional applications in digital dentistry. They allow creating patient-fit impressions, aligners, retainers, and surgical guides with extreme precision. Ceramic Resin is an experimental silica-filled material that can be fired to produce ceramic parts. 


Resin specs

The print settings vary from resin to resin. They are accurately calculated according to the material composition and curing settings. That’s why you cannot mix different types of resins. To better know Formlabs’ resin material properties, you can simply download the proprietary material data sheets available on the company website. The company also provides in-depth information related to curing settings, tank cleaning, resin and tank compatibility with Formlabs 3D printers, including Form 1+, Form 2, and Form 3.

Formlabs supplies the own-brand materials in 1L cartridges. Depending on the resin type, the material shelf life ranges from 12 to 24 months. Resins might be toxic and harmful. When using an SLA 3D printer, remember to never ingest them either in liquid or in solid form.


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