eSUN HIPS filament

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eSUN HIPS filament

eSUN HIPS is a soluble 3D printing filament produced by eSUN. Similar but stronger than ABS, it is used as both support and standalone printing material, granting professional performance. The name is short for High Impact Polystyrene, a budget and easy-to-print thermoplastic obtained by adding polybutadiene to polystyrene during polymerization. It is aimed at beginners and professionals alike. It is largely used on almost any printer based on fused deposition modeling. Due to its fumes, it should be printed in well-ventilated spaces.

eSUN HIPS dissolves in Limonene. You can use it as a support material to create complex shapes, overhangs and interior cavities. Then, you’ll only have to dip it into Limonene and wait, no manual intervention is required. The final surfaces will be smooth and clean. As a supporting filament, it works well with ABS-type materials. Thanks to its strength and finish, it supports sanding and is ideal for painting. If compared with ABS, it shows a lower warping rate. Also, the low water absorption rate favors its preservation. It is used for rapid prototyping, design proofing, and more. Read our complete review about the eSUN HIPS filament.

The interior cavities of this skull have been realized with the aid of HIPS-made support structures. Simple to break and wash away, they left clean and polished surfaces.



  • Filament features
  • Colors


Filament features

eSUN HIPS print temperature ranges from 220 to 260 °C. The required bed temperature goes from 90 to 110 °C. Using a PEI build surface might increase print adhesion and quality. 
The filament density is 1.05 g/cm³.

eSUN HIPS filament ships vacuum sealed. It can be mounted on 1 or 3 kg reels. The diameters available are 1.75 and 2.85 mm.



eSUN HIPS comes in a range of colors, giving you wide design flexibility.

Currently, you can choose between:

  • Orange
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Peak Green
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Black
  • White

For some filaments, color availability might change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.