Phrozen Shuffle — One of the Best Resin 3D Printers 2019

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Hi everyone, this time, we’ve got for you a review of a brand new UV resin LCD 3D printer Phrozen Shuffle




Phrozen Shuffle



Taiwanese brand Phrozen started getting some recognition after successfully crowdfunding the manufacturing of its first 3D printer on Kickstarter. The device was called “Make”.

Taiwanese manufacturer unveiled more serious solutions after the end of the campaign – three LCD 3D printers: Phrozen Shuffle and two higher end models with XL and 4K model names.



Phrozen Shuffle uses an LCD panel with a 2К resolution and proprietary optical module named ParaLED, which consists of several UV LED lights and focusing lenses.

The main feature of this 3D printer is that the optical path of light streams is as parallel as it is possible with the current technology. This makes printing faster and more precise over the whole printing area.

Both interior and exterior of the printer look professional: powder painted black metal parts, every detail fits perfectly, and the whole system looks monolithic.

Another feature that significantly improves print quality is a rigid and stable Z-axis design. Instead of cylindrical guide rails and wobbly mounts that can often be found in other printers, the Shuffle uses twin linear rail and ball screw with bearings.



Manual bed leveling is recommended before using the printer for the first time. It usually lasts 5-7 minutes. If you have issues with printing, the process must be repeated.

You can prepare your 3D model for printing using any program you want. Phrozen’s engineers recommend using MeshMixer, ChiTu and their own slicer software called PZ Slice.

You can load a file to the printer using one of three possible ways – with LAN, USB flash drive or via Wi-Fi.

This 3D printer can be operated via 3.5 inches touch screen.

Phrozen Shuffle can work with both proprietary and third party photopolymer resins. We recommend Harz Labs products, on their website you can find profiles for their whole range of available resins.

In the box you will find the printer itself, print plate, resin vat and other useful parts: a small USB flash drive, Wi-Fi adapter, set of tools, LAN cable, gloves and a resin tank cover.


3D print model examples




These models were unveiled at Formnext-2019 — a global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent industrial production.



Practical and functional design, consistent high quality of the printed models, a relatively low price compared to the printers with similar specifications – these qualities make Phrozen Shuffle one of the best resin 3D printers of 2019. The printers of this series are perfect for jewelers, dentists and other professionals that need precisely and accurately printed prototypes.

You can buy Phrozen Shuffle at Top 3D Shop — and get a quality 3D printer, good warranty and quick shipping.


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