EinScan H Review: Specs, Features, Software and More

The advances in modern 3D technologies are impressive, to say the least. But with the ever-evolving 3D printing that only in the past decade has managed to become something that’s accessible nearly to everyone, people tend to forget about another close technology: 3D scanning. Digitizing objects and getting their three-dimensional data isn’t a new concept: first scanners appeared in the 1960s, only to continue to advance. Later decades saw the technology to switch from using projections to utilizing white light and lasers, as well as progressively becoming more affordable to the general population. 

Nowadays, it’s possible to find a portable handheld 3D scanner that doesn’t cost a fortune and does a good job of digitizing objects of various sizes. One such solution is called EinScan H and offered by a Chinese brand Shining 3D. It’s great for professional and business purposes.


About Shining 3D

Source: www.shining3d.com

Shining 3D is a China-based 3D scanner manufacturer that was founded in 2004. Since then the company has had a growing reputation and position in the market. Their experts have been working on 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing for more than a decade. Shining 3D is able to develop 3D products at a large scale, using and providing various technologies. 

The company offers both high-end and affordable 3D scanners that are meant to be accessible for all industries where 3D digitizing matters. The examples of the latter devices include the EinScan H that manages to provide an impressive level of accuracy at an affordable price. 


Shining 3D EinScan H Overview

The EinScan H is a portable handheld 3D scanner that’s capable of capturing objects in full color. Decently-sized scan volume of 780 x 900 mm allows the device to be a rather versatile solution. 

The scanner utilizes a hybrid structured light technology, combining LED and infra-red lights. The device can work in 3 different modes: Standard, Body, and Face. The Standard mode is designed to be used with a wide variety of objects, ranging in size from 0.3 to 4 meters. It utilizes LED as a light source. The Body scanning mode is for working with the human body. The LED technology is used as well. The Face scanning mode differs significantly from the other two, utilizing infrared light and working with a slower speed (720,000 points per second compared to 1, 200, 000 of Standard and Body modes), while also slightly compromising on accuracy. But its perks are worth it, the mode allows the users to scan the human face in detail, even including hair. All of the modes are capable of scanning textures.


EinScan H 3D Scanner
  • Accuracy Up to 0.05mm
  • Connectivity USB 3.0
  • Display No
  • Manufacturer Shining 3D
  • Manufacturer country China
  • Weight kg 710 g
  • Technology White Light
  • Acquisition speed Up to 1200000 points/s
  • Camera frame rate 55FPS
  • Computer Requirements (Recommended) OS:Win10,64 bit;Graphics card:NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher;Video memory:≥4G;Processor:I7-8700;Memory:≥32GB
  • Depth of field 200-700mm; 200-1500mm
  • Output formats OBJ; STL; ASC; PLY; P3 ; 3MF
  • Point Distance 0.25 mm - 3mm
  • Rotating table No
  • Safety Eye-safe
  • Working distance 470mm
  • Scan volume max 780mm*900mm
  • Texture / Colors Yes
  • Price $4,999.00


What’s in the Box?

Source: shining3d.com

The contents of the packaging include: 

  • Shining EinScan H 3D Scanner
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cable
  • Calibration board
  • Calibration board support
  • Markers
  • Marker removal tool
  • USB drive

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch



The preparation process starts with the hardware installation:

  • Insert the pin plug into the scanner’s circular connector port
  • Plug the other one into the scanner’s USB port
  • Plug the power adapter into the connection cable 
  • Plug the other end of the power cable into a power outlet
  • Connect the other end of the connection cable to a USB 3.0 port on your computer

Source: shining3d.com

The next thing to do is to download and install software. 

  • Go to https://www.einscan.com/support/download/
  • Choose the EinScan H model
  • Click on the ‘Software’ button to download it. 
  • To activate the License, turn on the scanner after connecting it to a PC and running software.

The last step of the preparation process is calibration. 

  • Put the calibration board vertically
  • Follow the instructions provided by the software
  • Make sure that the device’s camera is aimed at the center of the board without significant angling
  • For White Balance calibration aim the scanner at the back side of the calibration board (the white side), move the scanner up and down. 



The EinScan H comes with a professional proprietary ExScan Pro software solution. It is a professional software for 3D scanning and data processing that features a variety of advanced options for data editing. For instance, it features point clouds generation, meshing, texture alignment, and post-processing. In addition, it is really easy and intuitive to use.

The scheme below shows how the software workflow looks:

Source: shining3d.com



Scanning Human Face

The video of the device’s premier shows how it can be used for scanning human head, face, and hair. 

Source: youtube.com

The level of detail that the scanner was able to capture is impressive: it even managed to scan hair with great accuracy.

Source: youtube.com


Pros and Cons


  • Affordable 
  • Compact
  • Three different scan modes: Standard, Body and Face
  • Fast speed of scanning (1,200,000 measurements per second in Standard and Body modes; 720,000 measurements per second in the Face mode)
  • Able to scan texture in color in all modes
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Powerful proprietary software solution



The EinScan H is a more affordable device in the new H-series of 3D scanners by Chinese manufacturer Shining 3D. Nevertheless, it still offers impressive levels of accuracy and is a very versatile machine. It can be used for various purposes and features three scanning modes: Standard (for scanning objects of various sizes), Body (for scanning the human body), and Face (for scanning the human face). The machine utilizes LED lights in the first two modes, while the Face scanning mode requires using invisible infrared light (which slows down the process but allows the device to capture human hair with an incredible level of detail). Setting up the machine is quite simple and consists of a few steps. Proprietary software offered by Shining 3D is intuitive and makes post-processing as easy as possible.

Aimed at both hobbyists and experienced users, the EinScan H is a great, easy to use and versatile solution at an affordable price.

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