Raise3D Pro 2 3D Printer Review

Updated Mar 19, 2020 13299

Hello everyone! This is Top 3D Shop, and in this yet another review, we’re talking about Raise3D Pro2 printer, a large FDM model designed for professional applications.




Raise3D Pro2


Technical specifications

Raise3D Pro2 3D printer
Assembly Fully-assembled
Compatible with 3rd party filaments? Yes an open material system
Connectivity WIFI, LAN, USB port
Display LCD touch screen
Extruder type Dual
Price $3,999.00



Raise3D Pro2 is a professional desktop FDM printer equipped with a dual extrusion system. The device has a sizeable build volume: 305х305х300 mm.

Pro2 and its more advanced version, Pro2 Plus, are a developmental step forward in the popular N2 line, through which the brand Raise3D earned recognition.

Fully enclosed aluminum frame, the ability to print with two materials and resume the printing process after a power failure — all of these features were implemented by Raise3D’s engineers as early as in the previous device series. The new generation of the company’s printers not only inherited these listed strengths from its predecessors but also received a number of wanted updates.


What’s new

Raise3D Pro2 is ready to operate straight out of the box — before starting to print, you only need to load the filament and ascertain that the default calibration wasn’t upset during transportation.

Filament spools are placed in a side compartment. Two plugged holes are designed for working with large spools placed outside the device. The filament feeding system is equipped with filament runout sensors.

Raise3D Pro2 is equipped with a build plate with magnetic holding. The surface temperature is adjusted with the use of a heating element placed under the bed.

Device management (changing profiles, switching operation modes) is done via a large touchscreen display. This design feature simplifies both controlling the printer and the perception of performance-related information. The building process can be monitored remotely: there’s a webcam inside the printer.

The ventilation system is equipped with a HEPA filter. According to the documentation, this enables the device to catch up to 90% of the finest particles entering the ambient air during operation.



The package contents include a number of power cords of different standards, two spools of branded PLA, a USB stick, tools, a set of spare parts, a pair of gloves, and a user manual.

Pro2 comes bundled with Raise3D’s proprietary software. IdeaMaker is a comprehensive solution combining a slicer, a utility for tweaking digital models, and managing software to help control the finest details of the process, using both Windows and Mac OS.

IdeaMaker allows the user to transfer ready files into the printer’s memory via Wi-Fi and initiate printing. Transferring the g-code through a wired connection or a USB stick is also possible.



Pro2 is equipped with a fully redesigned dual extruder. According to Raise3D, the new extruder is 1.5 times faster compared to the N2 series. When printing with two materials, the non-functioning nozzle is raised by 1.5 mm with switching time of less than a second.

The redesigned hotend can be heated up tо 300 °C, enabling the use of all available filament types for FDM printing except for refractory materials. The minimum layer height amounts to 10 microns (µm).



Thanks to the well thought out design solutions and the comprehensively excellent construction, Raise3D Pro2 guarantees high printing quality with a minimum of additional tuning. It’s a professional solution for manufacturing enterprises and prototyping companies to opt for.

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