Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printer Review

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Build volume is an important thing to consider when shopping for a 3D printer. Bigger is not always better, but for industrial, professional and commercial machines it might as well be. Modix BIG-120Z occupies a rather specific niche of machines that are both massive in the height department, offering the ability to produce prints that are very large. 


About Modix

Modix is an Israely startup based in Tel Aviv. Founded in 2014, the company went on to release their first 3D printer just a year later. The model was named Agam and was a successful educational model that is still used by various institutions. Nowadays the company focuses solely on their ‘BIG’ series of affordable modular 3D printers with large build volumes.



Modix BIG-120Z Overview

The BIG-120Z is another addition to the ‘BIG’ series of large-format 3D printers by Modix. The device stands out from the rest of the series by having an impressive vertical size (its build volume is 1200 mm along the Z-axis, hence the name). 


The machine comes with an enclosure, adding a great level of safety and stability to an already rigid frame. As is the case with all of the ‘BIG’ devices, the design is fully modular and there are options to buy an air filter and install high-performance E3D Super Volcano hot ends (which work nicely in conjunction with a fully enclosed design, providing high temperatures and widening the range of supported materials).The temperatures are kept at a consistent level by a built-in PID controller. Dual-extrusion allows for multi material printing. 


Modix Big-120Z V4 3D Printer
Mechanical arrangement Cartesian-XZ-Head
Build volume 600 x 600 x 1200 mm
Technology FFF FDM
Price $7,500.00

Technical specifications

  • Technology: FFF
  • Build volume: 600x600x1200 mm
  • Enclosure: Yes, fully enclosed
  • Max extruder temperature: 572 °F / 300 °C
  • Extruder type: Dual extrusion
  • Bed leveling: Fully automatic
  • Heated bed: yes
  • Max. bed temperature: 120°C
  • Print speed: up to 100 mm/s
  • Layer resolution from: 50 μm
  • Printable materials: Consumer materials (PLA, ABS, PETG, flexibles), carbon fiber, composites
  • Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 2000 mm
  • Price: $7,500.00


What’s in the Box? 

The machine comes as a DIY kit and needs to be assembled. It comes in several boxes, the contents of which include: 

  • All parts required to assemble the Modix Big-120Z 3D printer
  • Powder-coated aluminum components
  • Hex and screwdriver sets
  • Cable and wire sets
  • SD card
  • Spare parts
  • A huge aluminum print bed
  • LCD touch screen
  • Spool holder
  • Power cords
  • Power supply
  • Closed enclosure – black ACP panels
  • Dual print head 
  • Leveling caster



There’s no manufacturer-provided proprietary slicing software and the BIG-120Z can be used with any free solution available on the market, from Cura to Simplify3D. There’s a printer control software in the shape of a web interface and a mobile app. The device can be connected to the PC using Wi-Fi or USB connection.


Printjob example

A Large-sized Cola Bottle

This print of a Cola bottle is very tall and overall huge. But look how smooth the surface is:



Pros and Cons


  • Massive build volume
  • Dual extrusion
  • Ability to print very tall objects
  • Enclosed design
  • Support for a wide range of filaments
  • Ability to keep high temperatures consistent and stable


  • The machine is large, although the overall footprint is not that huge
  • Takes a long time to assemble



The Modix BIG-120Z is a device focused on printing tall objects. Not only is its build volume overall massive, it features a height of 1200 mm over the Z-axis. Coming with a dual extrusion system and a fully enclosed design, the BIG-120Z can work with a wide range of filaments, even including high-performance ones. Automatic bed leveling and an ability to remotely control the machine makes operating the BIG-120Z easier. 


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