AutoScan-DS-EX 3D Scanner Review: Specs, Features, Software

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Hi everyone! Today we will review the AutoScan-DS-EX from Shining 3D. Focused on the production of 3D digitization and additive manufacturing devices accessible to everyone, the China-based company produces good quality solutions targeted towards multiple industries. 

The Autoscan-DS-EX, for example, targets the dental market. It is a structured-light desktop 3D scanner capable of delivering accurate results in short times. Its scanning capability and accuracy make it worth the price.

Compact and lightweight, it is a good fit for any dental lab, even the narrowest ones. Let’s review its specs and features to figure out if it works for you.


Is the AutoScan-DS-EX good?

Cost-effective and efficient, this dental 3D scanner is the ideal solution for those who want to increase their productivity without sacrificing affordability. Engineered with structured light technology, the Autoscan-DS-EX is a versatile device with a modular open structure. It has been designed to perform multiple tasks and supports ongoing upgrades.

The DS-EX adopts a 1.3MP camera and captures data with an accuracy of < 15 microns. It has a scanning volume of 100 x 100 x 75 mm.


The included continuous scanning mode lets you capture and process data on different computers using LAN connectivity. This helps to increase your productivity and efficiency.

The automatic workflow along with the sleek yet intuitive design makes for convenient use. 


AutoScan-DS-EX specs, features and software

Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H 3D scanner
Accuracy 8 µm
Manufacturer Shining 3D
Manufacturer country China
Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz) 420 x 260 x 270 mm
Weight kg 5 kg
Price $6,999.00


Features and software

The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner adopts structured light scanning technology. It is equipped with a 1.3MP camera and is able to capture data with an accuracy of < 15 microns. The self-developed algorithm and the custom scan module aim to deliver high-quality accurate outputs. An effective quick-release jig facilitates model setup.

The device works in different modes. Depending on your requirements you are free to set the scan mode you prefer. This makes for high efficiency and adaptability.


For example, if you need to capture multiple dies at the same time, the multi-die option is the right choice. It allows scanning up to 8 dies simultaneously. The innovative articulator mode lets you easily place and scan articulators effortlessly. The DS-EX supports the most common articulators available, including Artex, Bio Art, KAVO.

The optimized texture scan path allows clearly acquiring hand-drawn marks that can be used as references for further works. The continuous scan mode lets you pair the device with an extra computer unit for faster data-processing through LAN. In this way, the scanner capability and speed will be strongly enhanced. The clinic mode is tailored to dental clinics. It is ideal for supporting chair-side restoration solutions.

The Autoscan-DS-EX can process parts within an area of 100 x 100 x 75 mm. It can scan a bite in 13s and an entire impression in 120s. It exports data in both STL and OBJ. The open format makes them compatible with almost any CAD/CAM program and hardware currently available. The bundled Shining3D DentalScan software is quite intuitive and user-friendly. It lets you create a new project and perform a scan in a few minutes.

The Autoscan-DS-EX boasts a small footprint of 260 x 270 x 420 mm and weighs only 5 kg, being pretty easy to carry.


Comparing AutoScan-DS-EX and AutoScan-DS-EX Pro

The AutoScan-DS-EX Pro is the upgraded version of the AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner. Unlike its predecessor, it is more efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use. The improved technology ensures a higher level of detail and optimized, non-separated scans. 

Let’s look at the differences of these two models that are clear from the table below:



AutoScan-DS-EX Pro


<15 µm

<10 µm


USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Outer dimensions

260 x 270 x 420 mm

260 x 270 x 420 mm


5 kg

5 kg

Camera resolution

1.3 MP

1.3 MP

Output formats



Max. scan volume

100 x 100 x 75 mm

100 x 100 x 75 mm

Texture / Colors



Scan speed

Bite scan: 13 sec

1–8 dies scan: 30 sec

Single jaw: 30 sec

Impression scan: 120 sec

Bite scan: 8 sec

1–8 dies scan: 13–21 sec

Single jaw: 12 sec; 

Impression scan: 58 sec

Scanning modes


Static and dynamic;

All-in-one scan

As you can see, the Pro version is much faster compared to the original scanner. Moreover, the updated device has a couple of new handy modes, such as dynamic scanning and all-in-one method, which enables capturing quadrant models and dies simultaneously.

Overall, both scanners support various dental scan applications and can be used effectively for multiple tasks.


AutoScan-DS-EX: parts and setup

The scanner ships pre-assembled and comes stock with a set of useful accessories.

  • Data cable
  • Power adapter
  • Blu-Tack
  • Articulator height adapter
  • Articulation transfer plate
  • Arch tray
  • Full arch tray
  • Basic height adapter
  • Die plate
  • Model fixture
  • Impression fixture
  • Calibration plate
  • Flash drive
  • Dongle


AutoScan-DS-EX setup

The Autoscan-DS-EX has been designed to be easily upgraded. That’s why it features a detachable modular design. The scanner is extremely intuitive to set up. 


First, you have to plug the power and data cables into the dedicated ports to pair the device with your computer. Then, you can insert both the license dongle and flash drive.

Before using the scanner, you have to install the proprietary scanning software, DentalScan, on your computer. The following video provided by Shining 3D shows how to simply unpack and set up the device.


An on/off button placed on the back of the scanner lets you comfortably turn on and off the device.

The open structure lets you place the device on the right side or left side of the table indifferently. Also, it makes for easy cleaning. 

Placing the DS-EX near the window or under a strong light is not recommended. Also, putting objects on the scanner base might cause scanning issues and ruin the device.



The Autoscan-DS-EX by Shining 3D is a cost-effective dental scanning solution ideal for digital labs and clinics. 

Reliable and fast, it can scan models with an accuracy of 15 microns or less within a scan area of 100 x 100 x 75 mm.

Sold at a reasonable price, it might be right the ally you are looking for. Buy it on Top 3D Shop as well as its upgraded version.

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