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Hey everyone! In this article, we’ll talk about resin materials manufactured by Phrozen — a well-known and respected manufacturer of resin 3D printers and 3D printing materials.

These resin materials are desired not only by owners of printers from Phrozen but also by other 3D printing enthusiasts since the materials can be used for the majority of SLA/LCD devices that use the 405 nm wavelength lights. The new line includes various resins: standard ones, enforced ones, flexibles, and those designed for 4K devices, as well as other interesting materials. In this article, we will talk about all of them and show the print examples.


Phrozen ABS-like

Purpose: Printing functional products or prototyping

This resin has properties similar to those of ABS plastics, it can be used for prototyping and producing functional products. It’s available in white and gray colors, but can be painted in any other tone after printing.

Here’s a model printed using Phrozen ABS-like Matte Gray by Paweł Jaruga 


And the picture below shows an image of print done using Phrozen ABS-like Creamy White resin. 


Biege Flex

Purpose: Printing flexible products

Phrozen Biege Flex is a flexible resin of beige color that provides a high level of detail. Elongation of 50-60% makes printing highly high-flexibility functional models possible.

Below are the examples:


Water Washable

Purpose: Printing at home or in educational institutions without using alcohol for post-processing.

The models printed using Phrozen Water Washable resin can be washed without using alcohol under running water and has a weak odor. It can be perfect for home use or printing in educational institutions. The resin can be cured very fast: it takes 7 seconds to cure a layer using Shuffle XL 3D printer or 1.5 seconds using Phrozen Sonic.

Phrozen Water Washable is available at black and gray color. 

Here are two examples of the prints done in black and gray:

And now we will talk about more interesting new resins by Phrozen that impressed the public.


TR250-LV Gray 

Purpose: printing models for thermoforming and producing functional heat-resistant models.

The TR250-LV resin is very durable and hard. It’s also resistant to temperatures of up to 150 °C. It’s designed to be used in dentistry and engineering but can be utilized in other fields for producing durable heat-resistant prints.

Below are the examples of models printed using Phrozen TR-250 LV Gray



Purpose: rapid 3D printing.

Phrozen Aqua is a high-accuracy low-shrinkage resin that are made for very fast 3D printing. The models done using Phrozen Aqua are very durable and break-proof.

It’s available in two colors: blue and green

Here are two models printed using Phrozen Aqua Green. The one on the right was made by Richard Cleveland.

And here are some models produced with Phrozen Aqua Blue.


Aqua Gray 4K 

Purpose: for using with 4K-resolution resin 3D printers

Aqua Gray 4K is one of the most awaited resins. It allows fast and very accurate 3D printing for the devices with 4K resolution. There are other advantages of using the resin: low shrinkage, weak odor, and low viscosity. Curing times are 7 seconds per layer. The Phrozen Sonic can cure this resin with the speed of 1.5 seconds (if the layer height is set at 50 microns).

Here’s an image showing how regular resin and Aqua Gray 4K compare.

An example of a model done using Aqua Gray 4k resin.


Beige Low-Irritation

Purpose: dental printing and producing models that will contact the skin.

Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation doesn’t contain heavy metals and is developed in accordance with the ISO 10993:10 standard. It means that the material doesn’t cause irritation and can be used for direct skin contact. The resin is also flexible, quite rigid, and low-shrinkage.

Below is an example of a dental model printing with Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation.


Nylon-Green Tough

Purpose: printing functional and durable models.

The Phrozen Nylon-Green Tough resin can resist the pressure of 19 MPA without breaking. It’s very elastic and rigid, which makes it perfect for producing functional parts or prototyping.

Here’s a model made of Phrozen Nylon Green Tough.


Rock-Black Stiff

Purpose: creating durable heat-resistant industrial-grade products and prototyping.

Phrozen Rock-Black Stiff is a resin for engineering. It’s heat-resistant up to 97 °C, very durable, and provides a high-level of detail. For example, it’s more durable than the Phrozen ABS-Like. 

Here’s a print example.


SC-801 Clear

Purpose: producing transparent models.

Phrozen SC-801 Clear can be used for 3D printing highly accurate fully transparent models without the yellow tint. Such models will not become yellow even when cured during post-processing. High durability is one of their other important properties.

The examples can be seen below.


Wax-like Castable Violet

Purpose: 3D printing castable objects for dental purposes and jewelry.

Phrozen Wax-like Castable Violet can be used for printing castable models that leave no residue. The other properties of the material include low shrinkage, a high level of detail, and low water absorption.

Here’s an example:

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