2019 Best Sources for Free STL Files, 3D Files, and Models for all your 3D Printing Initiatives

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Here are our 2019 picks of the most reputed and trusted resources for free, yet high-quality STL files, 3D printer files and 3D models in other 3D-printable file types for your 3D printing experiments.

Since 3D printing is rapidly gaining popularity with all groups of users, from enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers to top-tier industrialists, it is hardly surprising that lots of online repositories appeared where you can download 3D printer designs for free. The selection is really overwhelming, and to facilitate your choice, we decided to make a list of the best 3D printing sites and marketplaces where you can find tons of 3D printing models to download and print at your pleasure. Some of these platforms also allow users to sell their ready-to-use 3D printing designs in their electronic storefronts. So, if you concern yourself with 3D printing and would not mind earning extra cash on showcasing your successful prints, these websites are perfect for you. 

Here they are – the most popular sources for free printable 3D models in 2019.



This content repository for incredible 3D printer templates really has much to offer – there are over 1.5 million of STL files waiting to be downloaded and brought to life. Thingiverse is essentially a design community where designers, engineers, CAD drawing experts, and anyone who feels like it can discover, create, post, and share 3D printable things. The platform is equally good for 3D printing beginners and versed professionals alike, and it encourages all members to license their designs with a Creative Commons license so that anyone can easily download or edit any 3D printer template.

The site is run by MakerBot Industries, one of the biggest providers of 3D printing solutions in the world and also the creator of legendary MakerBot Replicator 3D printers. The Thingiverse website has a sleek design and smooth navigation. All STL files are offered for free and divided into several categories by theme and complexity for your utmost convenience. Registered users are welcomed to share tagged 3D printer designs in personal collections. The cherry on top is Thingiverse Education Center that provides over a hundred free tutorials for rookie makers, teaching them the basics of 3D printing science and helping pump up their 3D printing skills. 




CGTrader is a 3D content hub offering nearly a million 3D models for all sorts of applications including 3D printing, gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality to name a few. The portal is built with user-friendliness in mind and presents an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, showcase, and create high-quality 3D content. Designs come in the most popular 3D file formats such as OBJ, STL, AutoCAD, and WRL and can be printed on any 3D printing machine, from non-professional FDM devices to industrial-grade SLS 3D printing robots. 

Though you will have to pay for nearly all downloads that you make at the CGTrader site, there are, still, lots of printable 3D designs available at a heavy discount or even for free provided you are registered with the site. Whether you are a 3D printing enthusiast, an experienced maker or an enterprise prototyping through 3D printing, CGTrade has an ocean of amazing 3D designs for any of your needs. 




MyMiniFactory is an online platform for guaranteed 3D printable designs. Their library incorporates over 50,000 functional, inspirational and just fun 3D templates that can instantly be downloaded to your computer and translated into life through your 3D printing apparatus. 

What sets MyMiniFactory apart from other 3D content websites is that their community checks and tests every single 3D printer file uploaded before it is included in their repository. That way, you are saved from failed 3D prints, which is definitely good news given the cost of materials and duration of a 3D printing process. 

The site is not only an e-marketplace where you can obtain workable STL files or sale your own 3D printer designs but purchase a 3D printer and related accessories or even make use of a 3D printing on-demand service through their 3DCompare manufacturing platform. 

To keep the community engaged and incentivized, MyMiniFactory regularly arranges 3D design & print competitions where winners receive cool prizes such as a feature-packed 3D printer by a leading manufacturer. 




The Cults website is a community space and a digital file marketplace revolving around 3D printing and design. In their extensive library, you can find everything you might need for your 3D printing projects. All 40,000+ free 3D printer models here are split into several themed categories and can be downloaded in various file formats including STL, OBJ, and SCAD. All 3D printer files are claimed to be failproof. The site’s content is mostly free of charge, but the trendiest 3D printer designs are predictably paid. 

Apart from zero-pay STL files for 3D printing, Cults also provides an array of other benefits for registered members such as 3D printing on demand, insightful 3D printing tips and education, inspiring contests for makers and designers as well as generous offers and hefty discounts from the website’s partners on sophisticated 3D printing software, hardware, accessories, and filaments. Surely, Cults allows 3D printer creators to sell their 3D STL, OBJ or CAD files and get money through PayPal or plastic cards. 



Pinshape is a one-stop partner for all your 3D printing aspirations. Bringing innovative designers and makers of different levels of experience under one roof, Pinshape is essentially a 3D printing community and a digital marketplace where you can discover, upload, share, and obtain 3D printable models for free. Though the largest share of the website’s content is presented by zero-pay downloadable STL files, there are also a plethora of premium 3D printer designs to buy. It is a repository where you can find 3D printer STL files of various categories ranging from toys and games to jewelry and fashion pieces with everything imaginable in-between. Pinshape also offers a ton of educative materials for those wishing to pump up their 3D-printing skills.



Yet another reputable source for both free and premium-quality 3D Models, TurboSquid is heavily used by 3D modelers, online game developers, visual effects designers, and other creative professionals harnessing the enormous potential of 3D technologies. 3D printer files here are available in a dozen popular formats including OBJ, FBX, STL, C4D to name a few with the total amount of free downloads rising beyond 20000. The range of 3D model categories is also impressive, encompassing every theme that might come to your mind with helpful filters to narrow your choice. TurboSquid’s blog is an excellent read, too, loaded with tons of vital information about 3D modeling, the best 3D industry practices, and suchlike. 




YouMagine is a community space where enthusiastic 3D makers showcase their talents, and you can freely pick up any print-ready design to replicate on your own 3D printing machine. Currently, their repository boasts impressive 15,000 open designs neatly organized in community-curated collections. The website has a very altruistic mission: to make CAD and 3D files easy to create, reproduce, share, mix, and edit. YouMagine also provides special tutorials and educational materials for those who are professionally interested in 3D printing, who do not know how to get started with 3D printing or just want to realize their 3D printing project. Their blog is a fount of knowledge, too, and can keep you busy with reading for a good hour. 



3DExport is a digital 3D content marketplace dating back to remote 2004, which makes this establishment one of the oldest and most reputed providers of top-notch 3D printer models. The website allows for buying and selling 3D designs, honing your 3D printing skills, delegating your 3D printing questions to a joyful community, finding a professional for your 3D printing, AR or VR project, and a galore of other exciting things. The selection of 3D print models at 3DExport amounts to 16 thousand with support of major file formats (FBX, OBJ, MAX, etc.) and the main focus on jewelry and toys.


XYZprinting 3D Gallery

XYZprinting is a 3D printing online gallery offering a decent variety of free downloadable STL files. A minimalistic design as surely as the absence of overwhelming details, flashing banners, and irritating windows popping up all of a sudden make this website a pleasure to browse. Just register with the system to enjoy over 9,000 3D printer models without being charged a dollar. You are going to find the best 3D printer models from legendary cartoons and movies, a decent assortment of 3D gadget templates, and an animal chapter in their 3D printer gallery. However, XYZprinting does not seem the right choice for those who are just embarking on the 3D-printing path as their website lacks any education or knowledge base section.


NIH 3D Print Exchange


Scientific-minded 3D printing enthusiasts would hardly hold back their delight when visiting The NIH 3D Print Exchange, a resource for scientifically-relevant and medically applicable 3D printer designs. This digital repository offers downloadable models that work well with all 3D printers as well as a sophisticated set of web-based tools to convert 3D scientific images into printable objects in mere minutes. Their listing includes nearly 8,000 free STL files divided into several themed collections such as Prosthetics, Neuroscience, Heart Library, and Molecule of the Month. Apart from medically-accurate and 3D printing optimized files, their website is also chock full of modeling tutorials and educational materials to learn and get amazed. 



Free3D is a good destination if you are searching for free-of-charge 3D models or would like to show off your achievements in 3D printing in front of a large community incorporating 3D makers and designers from the whole globe. Along with a rich selection of more than 7,000 3D-printable royalty-free 3D designs, this website also offers a fine assortment of exquisite 3D models at a price under $25. The range of model categories is whopping too: from architecture and vehicles to cartoon/movie characters, weapons, and airplanes, the platform seems to maintain the most sought-after STL files for 3D printing in major formats: OBJ, STL, FBX, and several more.      



Threeding is a full-fledged 3D printing store with social network features. In this digital space, individuals and businesses can easily purchase, sell, and share 3D models suitable for 3D printing. Their file catalog boasts more than 4,000 positions (both royalty-free and paid) coming in STL and WRL formats. Threeding encourages experienced 3D builders and artists to start their own shops on the platform and earn 91.5% of their model prices per each deal with the money going directly to the user’s PayPal wallet or bank account. This online establishment also supports 3D printing on demand and a dozen of other cool perks available, however, exclusively for registered users. 


GrabCAD Library

GrabCAD Library is an exciting online community uniting more than 6 million dedicated members. Great for designers, engineers, manufacturers, and STEM students, GrabCAD provides access to a free CAD repository (which already incorporates approximately 4 million free STL files). The platform either allows everyone to contribute their own works to this collection as well as download free CAD models for personal 3D printer ventures, get professional advice, learn from tutorials, and participate in inspiring 3D design contests. Along with zero-pay STL files, this portal also offers two excellent software products for 3D printing, namely GrabCAD Workbench and GrabCAD Print, aimed to simply all workflows involved in the 3D printing process.



Redpah is a community of 3D printing fans as well as an open-source library for obtaining free and paid STL files. As an online 3D printing design marketplace, Redpah welcomes makers, engineers, artists, and designers to showcase their 3D printing craftsmanship and earn money by selling premium models. Their repository offers a selection of more than 4 thousand 3D printer files to download and replicate on your own device with convenient search filters to refine your choice.  



It is not a repository for free STL files in the literal sense of this word, but rather a subscription print-on-demand service geared toward those who regularly rack their brains with a question “What should I 3D print today?” 

Subscription prices, however, are pretty moderate here and start at $8.33 per month. The website’s assortment spans over 40 themes, from art & icons to childhood and fashion with every imaginable subcategory in between. The platform works in the following way: you sign up for free and enjoy a payless trial period during which you can make a limited number of free downloads. If you love your experience with 3DShook, you can purchase individual files, subscribe for their FilePacks and even get an unlimited prints subscription plan. All designs are claimed to be pre-tested, 100% 3D-printable, and exclusive, meaning not found anywhere else on the Internet.  


Zortrax Library

Zortrax Library is a port of call for everyone needing a dose of inspiration to build something really beautiful and unusual on their FDM machine. It is basically an online 3D printing hub, where every registered user can create, build, learn, and share their experience and know-how about converting 3D-printer designs to physical objects. All files presented in their repository are optimized for 3D-printing and come in the most popular formats (STL, DFX, OBJ). Despite the selection is not enormous (there are less than 1000 3D printer files), you are bound to find a lot of great designs to fabricate at your leisure time.



Repables is a cheap, yet good 3D-printable model repository offering a choice of nearly 1000 free STL files to incarnate on your desktop 3D-printing machine. The website is minimalistic in the extreme: you will not find any community, blog or educative materials here to level up your 3D printing artfulness, just long listings of 3D printer files to explore and download. If you want to contribute your own designs to their gallery, you will have to register first by entering just your username and creating a password. The site’s offerings can hardly be called premium, but you definitely will not go wrong if you give some of them a try. 



“Designers sell your proven-to-print models with us” is the welcome note at 3Dagogo, giving you a clear insight of what you are going to find in this online STL file repository. So, it is a store to purchase and sell designs optimized for 3D printing. The platform offers a mix of both free and paid 3D models where prices are as low as $2. The range of zero-pay STL files is solid, and it is claimed that all free-to-download 3D designs are tested by the website’s authority for print quality.  



Yet another digital STL file establishment with altruistic intentions, Libre3D is committed to providing free access to professional 3D printer help, interesting 3D-printable designs, and other things revolving around 3D printing with an emphasis on maintaining the open-source 3D community. This platform is supported by Adrian Bowyer, Inventor of the much-hyped RepRap Project, which, surely, inspires trust to Libre3D. More than 400 free STL files of various categories are all at your disposal! 



FAB365 is a digital marketplace for 3D printing. Once registered with the system, every user can easily purchase, sell, and download wonderful 3D models to replicate on their 3D printing units. The selection is presented by both premium and free-of-charge designs which are very tempting to give a try. The platform actively encourages 3D product designers to show off their works at the website to receive royalty, which makes one think that the FAB365 platform is meant more for professional designers rather than for ordinary 3D printing hobbyists. Anyway, models here really are striking.  



At first glance, the website of NASA 3D Resources is not impressive, rather dull. But it is far from being true. It is the hub of ground-breaking science and fantastic discoveries as well as a rich repository for great 3D designs that are either NASA original or NASA verified. All their STL files can be downloaded for free, which speaks volumes for the NASA’s intentions to promote public engagement with science as well as 3D printing. All 3D-printable models here are devoted to the main achievements in space exploration, and they are delightful!  



STLHive is an inspiring 3D printing resource for students, enthusiasts, and inventors who are looking for 3D models that are both functional and beautiful. The selection of STL files here is mostly presented by designs for radio-controlled cars, robotics, and drones. Proposed designs boast an excellent quality since they are created by STLHive’s professional team of 3D designers and meant to be printed on state-of-the-art 3D printing units. Some of their models can even be reproduced on CNC machines. There are also enough free experimental STL files to download as well as a cool “Request a Model” feature allowing you to order a design to be crafted for you for an acceptable price. 



Instructables is a one-of-its-kind community space where registered members can show off their crafts including objects built with the help of 3D printing and CNC technologies. The website is a pleasure to browse and learn because there is a ton of exiting tutorials and step-by-step guidelines on how to fabricate each creation where 3D printing objects are also supplied with STL files to download for free. A nifty feature of Instructables is their numerous contests and challenges where winners get fantastic prizes like generous Amazon vouchers, Apple iPads, powerful 3D printers, and suchlike. 


Dremel Lesson Plans

Dremel, a top-tier manufacturer of 3D printers and electric tools based in the USA, launched an online curated platform of lesson plans complementary to their Idea Builder series of 3D printing units. Giving the fact that Dremel Idea Builder 3D printers support printing only with PLA filaments, it goes without saying that all STL files offered here are meant to deliver a smooth, failure-free 3D printing experience. The designs are ideal to be used for demonstrative purposes, say for 3D printing in classrooms as they also come with explanatory materials that teachers can leverage on.  


Polar Cloud

Polar Cloud is a cloud-based social community portal that promotes 3D printing in education. So, this online establishment unites schools, universities, educators, entrepreneurs, and students under one roof, fostering their collaboration on different 3D printing projects, driving reciprocal engagement and providing necessary support for better project outcomes. Though STL files and 3D printable models are available for free at Polar Cloud, you will have to register first to reap this and many other benefits.    



Come back to your childhood with 3DKitbash, an e-store for awesome 3D printable toys. The platform offers premium-quality STL files to download and reproduce on desktop 3D printing aggregators. All 3D designs here are claimed to be built without support structures or glue. Not all pleasures come at a cost at 3DKitbash, there is an array of free downloads, plus a selection of Quick Prints which will take you less than 45 minutes to concoct on your machine – the ideal solution for beginner 3D makers and a quick calibration test. There is also a great Made-To-Order-Models option allowing you to pick a desired 3D design, material, as well as color to have the object printed by professionals and shipped to you at a nominal fee.  



The link will redirect you to a Japanese 3D product marketplace. Don’t you worry when you see those awe-inspiring hieroglyphs – the site will be quickly translated into English and leave you utterly delighted with the content. This platform offers excellent 3D-printable designs with a professional print-on-demand service. The fact that Rinkak is supported by some cult brands (such as Minecraft and Toyota) speaks volumes for the platform’s credibility. Surely, good-quality products cannot be cheap, but once registered, you will get access to free STL files to download and reconstruct with your own 3D printing efforts. If you want, you can easily sell your 3D printer products (both objects and designs) on Rinkak, too to make real cash on your creativity.



Shapetizer is an e-store for 3D printable models, and it encourages creative designers from the whole globe to upload their designs and enjoy steady revenue coming from the sales at the marketplace. Shapetizer promises that 3D designers will not have to worry about manufacturing, shipping, or marketing – the platform will arrange for everything. Categories here are presented by jewelry, accessories, hobbies & interests, and many others, so every 3D printing maker is much likely to find something to their taste. Registered members can enjoy a rich selection of free-to-download STL files. Streaming 3D printer files are also supported, meaning the picked designs can be prepared and sent to your 3D printing device without making any downloads.  


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