Nexa3D XiP Overview

Updated Aug 13, 2022 1715

Nexa3D led by Avi Reichental, the former CEO of 3D Systems Corporation, is a company focused on high-speed resin 3D printers.The Nexa3D XiP is the company’s first desktop device with features not inferior to those of its large industrial-grade counterparts, with an impressive print speed reaching up to 18 cm per hour. Let’s look at some other features it boasts.




First look

The Nexa3D XiP is an mSLA 3D printer equipped with a 9.3" 4K monochrome LCD light engine with a 52 µm pixel size. It is based on the patented LSPc technology, which will be covered further. 

Layer-by-layer resin curing is powered by an array of UV LEDs with a wavelength of 405 nm. LSPc technology allows you to print objects with a layer height of 50, 100, or 200 microns, which leads to perfectly smooth exterior surfaces, complex geometry, and detailed composition. 

The build area of the printer is 190 x 120 x 210 mm, while the print quality is enhanced by the rigid aluminum body and the Z-axis based on two ball screw linear guides. Overall, the machine is capable of evenly delivering a uniform distortion-free image to the whole build plate via a self-lubricated, flexible, and durable Everlast 2 membrane, providing outstanding part-to-part accuracy.



Nexa3D XiP 3D Printer
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB
Display 5.5" color HD OLED touchscreen
Light engine 405 nm LED array w/ collimating lens; modular 9.3" monochrome 4K LCD mask
Manufacturer Nexa3D
Manufacturer country USA



Unique technology

The key feature of Nexa3D printers is the Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing system, or LSPc for short. This technology allows you to print a model without the platform lifting up to add ​​the next portion of the resin, as in other stereolithography technologies. 

The absence of intermediate upward movement of the platform sets the base for a sharp increase in the print speed and accuracy with the surfaces perfectly smooth and free of visible boundaries between layers.



Nexa3D offers its own range of resins developed in collaboration with Henkel, Keystone, and BASF. The list of consumables for the XiP model includes general purpose materials, resins for functional parts and prototypes with varying mechanical properties, as well as dental resins.


Connectivity and software

The XiP 3D printer works with the proprietary NexaX Basic software, processing such file formats as STL, OBJ, 3MF. The program runs under Windows, while a MacOS version is also in the pipeline.

There are three options to transfer ready files to the printer’s memory: a USB flash drive with the port located on the left side panel, a wireless connection, or an Ethernet local network.

The printer is intuitively controlled through a 5.5" color HD OLED touchscreen. The user-friendly interface and logical menu navigation greatly simplify the workflow.


Auxiliary equipment

Nexa3D also introduced the XiP Wash+Cure post-processing station. It is a universal 2-in-1 device which speeds up the cleaning and post-curing of the finished product. Thus, the complete solution contains all the necessary tools for a comprehensive production process. 



The Nexa3D XiP 3D printer is perfect for professional use in manifold spheres, including engineering, dental, medical, education, consumer products, and more. It is a great tool for concept modeling, prototyping, and customized manufacturing.


Bottom line

As can be clearly seen from the overview, the Nexa3D XiP 3D printer boasts blazing print speed, which is up to 6.5x faster compared to other SLA and mSLA devices, and offers high productivity gains, while the top-quality components and additional smart functions make the overall automated workflow even more comfortable.

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