Uniz Slash Pro UDP Review: Specs, Features, Applications

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Hello and welcome to Top 3D Blog. This time, we’ll be reviewing the Uniz Slash Pro UDP — a cutting-edge LCD-based desktop 3D printer powered by the proprietary Uni-Directional Peel (UDP) technology. The technology provides exceptional 600 mm/h printing speed combined with ultra-fine final print quality ensured by its high-end optical and liquid cooling systems. It makes this neatly-designed device ideal for professional and industrial applications such as dentistry, jewelry making, prototyping, fashion design, and engineering. 

Read on to discover how one of the world’s fastest resin 3D printers can be used to its fullest potential and what else it has to offer.


Uniz Slash Pro UDP


  • Technology: LCD
  • Build volume: 192 x 120 x 400mm
  • Optical system: 5500 Lux blue LED array
  • Print speed: Up to 600 mm/h (UDP mode); Up to 200 mm/h (Normal mode)
  • Min. layer thickness: 10 µm
  • Printable materials: 405 nm liquid resins
  • XY resolution: 75 µm
  • Resin level control: automatic
  • Operating temperature: 18-28°C
  • Power requirements: 100-240VAC, 6A 50/60Hz, 480W
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
  • Supported file formats: .STL, .OBJ, .AMF, .3MF, .UNIZ
  • Outer dimensions (WxHxD): 350 x 400 x 730 mm
  • Weight (kg): 18



Source: uniz.com

Uniz is the US-based manufacturer of 3D printing equipment with headquarters in San Diego. The company has been committed to creating revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies and promoting them on the world market since 2014. You can learn more about Uniz by proceeding to an in-depth brand review.

First and foremost, the most innovative feature of the Slash Pro UDP is its breakneck printing speed of 600 mm/h that can be achieved by using the UDP mode. The device was released in 2019, and its production-grade printing speed is still unrivaled by any other LCD-based device offered by other manufacturers at this price range. 

For instance, let’s compare a model printing time between the Formlabs Form 2 and Uniz Slash Pro UDP. The model is of the following size: X: 46 mm, Y: 44 mm, and Z: 56mm. In the case of Formlabs Form 2, it will get printed in 4 hours and 45 minutes. Being quite fast even without its UDP mode, the Slash Pro will complete the model in just 3 hours and 18 minutes. Finally, the employment of the UDP mode will allow finishing the part in just 37 minutes. Note, however, that the UDP function can only be used with appropriately designed models. 

The secret behind this innovative UDP technology is that the device projects each slice of the model to a transparent window on the bottom of the resin vat through the LCD screen, which is then cooled by a highly efficient self-designed liquid cooling system. The up-and-down motion that, as a rule, appears during resin 3D printing has also been removed and is not used over the course of the UDP printing mode.

Source: youtube.com

Another competitive advantage of the device is an outstanding build volume of 192 x 120 x 400mm combined with an ultra-fine print resolution, allowing you to print accurate and really tall parts. Besides, the machine is quite compact — this neatly-designed black-colored device is a perfect fit for any desk, providing desktop-based yet industry-level quality. In our humble opinion, the only downside of its design is the absence of a UI screen integrated onto its body. Instead, the machine has been equipped with a button that serves both as a power switch and status display. 

Moreover, the resin can be pumped out of the vat and back to the container, which saves time and makes this procedure really safe. 

Source: amazon.com

The Slash Pro UDP has been designed with accessibility in mind. Just like that, the device features Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity, allowing to be accessed any way you like. 

Besides, there is also the Uniz App — a user-friendly cloud-integrated application compatible with both iOS and Android devices allowing you to control and monitor the status of a single or multiple Uniz Slash 3D printers and its current prints using a tablet or smartphone. There is also a built-in camera for remote print monitoring. The app features a pre-validated online model library and store which lets you download any model you like and send it to your device using ‘One-click Print’ function for immediate printing. Each model has a description with recommended resin type, model dimensions, and estimated printing time.

Source: play.google.com

The Slash Pro UDP is compatible with a variety of 405 nm liquid resins, including 3rd party ones. However, it is recommended to use the company-made materials, since they were designed specifically for the Slash lineup and guarantee the best results. 

Uniz offers a number of different high-quality resins for professional applications. For example, there are standard resins that mirror the properties of ABS and HIPS plastic, allowing printing strong and precise models of beautiful colors, such as tabletop models or intricate fashion designs. Then, there are jewelry resins able to capture the finest details, provide the utmost degree of accuracy and smooth surface finish, making them ideal for rapid and precise jewelry prototyping. There are also biocompatible resins for digital dentistry and durable, high-precision resins with lower deformation rates for engineering needs.

Source: uniz.com


What’s in the Box

Source: youtube.com

The printer is supplied in an assembled state, allowing you to proceed to the printing process as soon as you put a couple of finishing touches. Inside the box, you can find:

  • Uniz Slash Pro UDP 3D printer
  • 500 ml of gray zUDP resin
  • Resin vat
  • Scraper
  • Stickers
  • Sandpaper
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning bottle
  • Replacement pump tubing
  • Toolset
  • User manual

Source: uniz.com

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Setting Up the Printer

Before starting the actual printing process, you’d need to complete some additional steps that can be done in an easy and swift manner.

First, check if the printer is properly leveled. If it’s tilted, adjust it with the four screws located underneath the device.

Source: uniz.com

  1. Then, take the resin vat and tilt it by 30 degrees and insert the lugs located on its backside to the rear side of the LCD panel
  2. Push the vat toward the LCD panel
  3. Push the lock to secure the resin vat

Source: uniz.com

Inserting the build platform:

  1. While its metal surface faces downwards, place the platform into the open locking arm
  2. In order to fix the build platform, rotate the opening arm clockwise 

Source: uniz.com

The next step would be inserting the resin cartridge.

  1. Remove the cleaning bottle
  2. Remove the rigid cap from the resin bottle
  3. Insert the bottle into the slot so the needle punctures the rubber cap
  4. Puncture the vent hole located on top of the bottle

Source: uniz.com

Unfold the resin sensor and connect it to the feedstock pump tube located inside the package.

Source: uniz.com

The Slash Pro UDP comes factory-calibrated, however, you may need to recalibrate it in case of rough handling. In order to re-calibrate the Z-axis, press the build platform all the way down so it just barely touches the LCD screen, carefully rotate the motor screw counter-clockwise, and click “Z-Axis Calibration” on your desktop software or mobile app.

Source: uniz.com


Slicing Software

The Uniz Software Suite consists of a desktop and app versions. Since all of the Uniz App features were already described, let’s highlight the most useful functions of the company’s self-designed desktop slicer, which offers a lot of useful features. 

Source: uniz.com

For instance, this cloud-integrated slicer features advanced model repair function, which finds and fixes mistakes in model design automatically. In addition, it allows you to upload and work with large and outstandingly detailed models more than 1GB in size. In addition, you can create all the supports for your model in just one click.

Another important feature is the “One Click Print”. Just specify the resin type and enter the layer thickness — the model orienting, laying out, support generation, slicing, and other related procedures will be completed automatically.

Source: youtube.com

Moreover, you can print various parts of a single model with different levels of infill and layer thickness. All you have to do is to specify different starting points in slicer. Like so, you can print figurine legs at 100 microns, its body at 50 microns, and its head at 25 microns layer height. The slicer also lets you simultaneously control multiple Uniz printers.




Source: uniz.com

Using the Uniz Slash Pro UDP together with the company’s biocompatible dentistry resins allows making quality dental models, impression trays, and orthodontic molds with a perfect balance between toughness and rigidness.


Source: uniz.com

The machine offers a high degree of precision and provides outstanding print quality, making it possible to produce refined and highly detailed jewelry products. We recommend combining it with the company’s jewelry resins to achieve the best results.


Source: kickstarter.com

Another great application for the Slash Pro UDP would be the shoemaking industry. For instance, you can print a highly detailed full-size flexible shoe-sole for an adult in just 40 minutes.


Source: instagram.com

Take a look at this highly detailed print. The Slash Pro UDP allows to make intricate tabletop and other souvenirs with smooth surface finish and the utmost precision in the blink of an eye.


Pros and Cons


  • Lightning-fast printing speed provided by proprietary UDP technology
  • Exquisite print quality and industrial-grade precision
  • Outstanding build volume
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to access thanks to the cloud-integrated mobile app, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity
  • Automatic leveling
  • Powerful software


  • No screen to control the device
  • Price tag unreachable for most hobbyists and individual makers
  • Not every model is suitable for the UDP mode 


The Bottom Line

The printing speed of the Slash Pro UDP is unrivaled by any other LCD-based machine at this price range. This truly is a unique device that offers desktop-based yet industry-grade quality and is easy to use. Its high accuracy and large build volume allow using it by both hobbyists and professionals. Another advantage of the printer is its versatility — it is compatible with a variety of 3rd party resins as well as a number of the company offered, highly specialized ones. All of the above-mentioned advantages make it perfect for jewelry, dentistry, fashion design, engineering, shoemaking, and other industries as well as for individual use. The Slash Pro UDP is really accessible — the device features Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity, and can be controlled via the Uniz App compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The downsides to mention are its price tag that is relatively high for individual makers and the model design requirements, meaning that not every model is compatible with the UDP mode.

You can purchase the Uniz Slash Pro UDP on Top 3D Shop. This high-end industry-grade device comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, our team will make sure to provide the best service possible, just like we always do.


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