Uniz Slash 2 Plus review

Updated Jan 11, 2022 2115

Hi everyone! Today, we will tell you about the new version of an industrial-grade resin 3D printer by Uniz — the Slash 2 Plus. Read the article to learn about the specs and smart features of the device.





Uniz Slash 2 Plus 3D Printer
Connectivity USB, Wifi, Ethernet
Display 4.3-inch touchscreen
LCD 8.9" 4K HD monochrome screen
Manufacturer Uniz
Manufacturer country China
Price $4,599.00


Highlights and print examples

Based on the previously released Slash 2 3D printer, the Slash 2 Plus is intended primarily for dental applications. Like the original model, the device is equipped with an 8.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD and Uniz's patented LED light module. Yet, the new iteration boasts twice the UV intensity of the Slash 2, delivering print speeds of up to 250 mm/h — much faster than most of its closest competitors.

The Slash 2 Plus is equipped with the proprietary next-gen liquid cooling system, which provides stable heat rejection for more than 5,000 hours of printing.

With the 192 x 120 x 200 mm build chamber, users can print a complete set of 26 aligners in just 53 minutes.

Apart from proprietary Uniz materials, the machine is compatible with virtually any available dental resins on the market.

The printer supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for uploading models to print, with the front panel featuring a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen for easy operation. The intuitive and user-friendly software allows you to manage multiple printers at once.

For additional information about the printer, check our review of the original Uniz Slash 2.


Bottom line

Being a perfect solution for dentistry, the Uniz Slash 2 Plus is also a great tool for such applications as jewelry production or rapid prototyping. The large, high-resolution screen opens up a wide range of new possibilities for LCD 3D printing. The Uniz curing technology delivers industrial-grade accuracy and detail. And the most prominent feature of the new printer is a significant boost in print speed while maintaining the outstanding quality of outputs.

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