Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K Review

Phrozen,  the manufacturer of resin 3D printers has announced the launch of the new Sonic Mega 8K large-format device and the start of pre-orders. It is the largest and most accurate desktop resin 3D printer as of June 2021.

With a 15-inch 8K screen, printing large models in extremely high quality is what the Sonic Mega 8K is designed for.

Based in Taiwan, Phrozen has a long history of offering LCD 3D printers already well known in the field of resin printing. In its flagship Sonic series, the company specializes in large-scale systems for everyone — from hobbyists to professionals in the area of jewelry and design.


Specifications and overview of the Sonic Mega 8K

Phrozen Sonic MEGA 8K Resin 3D printer
  • Connectivity Ethernet, USB
  • LCD 15” Mono-LCD Screen
  • Manufacturer Phrozen
  • Manufacturer country Taiwan
  • Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz) 400х470х680 mm
  • Printable material(s) Resins suitable for 405nm LCD-based printers
  • Slicer Software ChiTu Box V1.8.1
  • Weight kg 35 kg
  • XY Resolution 43 microns
  • Build volume 330 x 185 x 400 mm
  • Min layer height 10 Microns
  • Technology LCD
  • Price $2,899.00

New to the Phrozen Sonic series, the Mega 8K 3D printer has a build volume of 330 x 185 x 400 mm. The 15” LCD provides the largest XY printing area to date, with a Z-height of up to 400 millimeters, making the Sonic Mega 8K a great solution for mass production. This system can print dozens of miniature models or large parts in a single session.

The Sonic Mega 8K features the company's previously developed monochrome LCD technology that uses only white light, as opposed to the standard RGB spectrum. This results in faster curing and an increase in average print speed to 70 mm/hr. With an impressive 8K resolution, the system delivers 43-micron detail on XY.

The device can be connected via USB and Ethernet.

The printer has an all-metal structure for durability, as well as a dual linear rail and ball screw for enhanced Z-axis fixity and increased print stability. According to the manufacturer, the build platforms are calibrated in production and do not require manual or auto leveling, that is, the printer is ready to use right out of the box.


Print samples

Large figure with high detail

Multiple detailed miniatures printed in one run


Smart features

Capabilities of 8K printing

The Sonic Mega 8K outperforms all other 3D printers on the market, delivering amazing detail at 43 microns. It creates 3D models that are almost twice as detailed as those made with other large-scale printers, which usually have a maximum resolution of 4K.

15” monochrome LCD screen

The Sonic Mega 8K has the largest mono LCD printing area on the market — 15 inches. For comparison, the record was previously 13.3 inches only.

Huge print volume

The printer boasts the largest XY printing area with a 40 cm Z-axis, allowing significantly larger models to be printed in one go.

Phrozen states, “In the past, printing out large models meant compromising on print quality. If anyone was interested in printing out large-scale & detailed models, that meant printing out multiple batches of 3D models and assembling them together. Not Anymore."

Pre-leveled build plate

All Sonic Mega 8K build plates are calibrated before shipping, which means all you have to do is take the device out of the box, pour in resin, and print.

Dual linear rail and ball screw

For Z-axis stability, the Sonic Mega 8K uses a dual rail and ball screw design, which allows printing large and heavy objects without reducing speed and quality.

All-metal structure

The frame, all crucial components, and most other parts of the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K are made of metal. This makes the entire structure more stable and robust, enabling long-term, trouble-free use.

Full integration with CHITUBOX

The printer is supported by the CHITUBOX slicer that provides settings for printing models with high detail in the best quality possible.

Multi-fan cooling system

No overheating will occur — the Sonic Mega 8K is equipped with two fans that release excess heat from the device.


Previous models

The Sonic Mini and the Sonic Mini 4K are two more affordable compact Phrozen 3D printers that are great for creating small and highly detailed objects. Also noteworthy is the Sonic Mighty 4K, a mid-range device with a build volume of 200 x 125 x 220 mm. The Sonic XL 4K is in turn a more expensive machine that features a high print speed. With the ability to cure 50-micron layers in just one second, the 3D printer meets a wide range of professional needs.


Bottom line

The manufacturer states, “Sonic Mega 8K breaks every single limitation for commercial 3D printing. You can now have both size and quality in one print, at the same time. From regular table-sized ogres to a thousand army soldiers, or mega-sized terrain that covers your whole table, or even body armor for festivals such as Halloween, Sonic Mega 8K simply prints out all your creations with stunning 8K resolution."

We have no reason not to trust these words. In practice, we’ll be convinced of what has been said in the fall, conducting full-scale tests of the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K on printing various objects. Follow our blog to see the results.


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