Afinia 3D scanners

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Afinia 3D scanners: high-quality scans at accessible prices.

Afinia 3D scanners are powerful devices developed to provide high-quality results at affordable prices. Targeted to the consumer market, they have been designed to be simple-to-use and effective. 

The award-winning manufacturer boasts a good reputation in the 3D printing and 3D scanning world. Widely adopted by educators, engineers, makers and beginners, Afinia high-quality devices grant high reliability and accuracy while remaining accessible to the masses. They have been named as the “Educator’s Choice” at the NY MakerFaire in 2015. Also, they are backed by a lot of positive reviews.

As part of Afinia’s product range, Afinia 3D scanners benefit from a professional customer support service, one of the company flagship. Indeed, the Afinia technical team is always ready to help clients in case of any need.

Afinia currently provides two different series of 3D scanning solutions, the desktop 3D scanners and the handheld ones.


Afinia Desktop 3D scanners

As part of the desktop solutions, you can find the EinScan-SE (Elite), the EinScan-SP (Platinum) and the ES360. Based on white-light scanning technology, Afinia desktop 3D scanners enable fast and accurate operation while being extremely safe. Their ease of use makes them ideal for both technical and non-technical users. These multi-functional devices are capable of capturing small-to-large objects. Simple-to-operate and fast, they feature dual scan modes - Auto and Fixed - for greater flexibility and adaptability. The one-click operation streamlines your scanning experience delivering accurate 3D models ready to be imported in almost any commercial 3D printer. Afinia desktop 3D scanners are compact and lightweight. They can be carried anywhere effortless.


Afinia handheld 3D scanners

Portable and versatile, Afinia handheld 3D scanners let you scan a variety of objects with extreme accuracy. The models currently available are the EinScan-Pro 2x and EinScan-Pro+ 2x. 

Engineered with powerful yet safe scanning technology, they provide high-resolution outputs in a short time. Faster and more accurate than the previous handheld generations, these portable devices feature improved algorithms and an easier workflow. Also, they have an enlarged scan range, which lets you capture bigger parts with high efficiency.


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