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Hi, everyone! This is 3D Shop and our new review of cutting-edge equipment – Anycubic Chiron FDM 3D printer. The device got its name from the Bugatti Chiron supercar.

The latter, in its turn, was named after Centaur Chiron from Greek mythology, the son of Cronus, who was the stepbrother of Zeus, friend of Heracles, and teacher of Aeson and Achilles.

Will the printer justify its name? In this article, you can read about the characteristics and opportunities provided by Anycubic Chiron.




Anycubic Chiron



  • Input: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions, mm: 651х612х720
  • Weight, kg: 20
  • Software:  Cura, Simplify3D, Repiter-HOST
  • File formats: stl, obj, jpg, png, gcode
  • Number of extruders: 1
  • Build volume, mm: 400х400х450
  • Max. travel speed: 60mm/s
  • Max. bed temperature: 100°C
  • Max. extruder temperature: 260°C
  • Print technology: FDM
  • Layer resolution: 50 microns
  • X/Y-axis print accuracy: 12.5 microns, Z: 0.2 microns
  • Printable materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, Wood, TPU, PETG
  • Filament diameter, mm: 1.75
  • Nozzle diameter, mm: 0.4
  • Connectivity: SD
  • Printing speed: 20-100 mm/s
  • Price: $499.99




Anycubic Chiron offers users a unique opportunity to build large scale models. If we compare this model with other popular 3D printers, we can see that it is 2-3 times normal size.



The device is shipped in a partially unassembled state. The user is offered to mount the frame on the base and set up the wiring and cabling — this whole procedure takes no more than 20 - 30 minutes.

Besides the printer itself, the package also contains: a removable sensor for calibration, a spare hot-end, a PLA filament spool, an SD card and a card reader, a USB cable, an instruction manual, gloves, pliers, a spatula, tweezers and a toolkit for assembly.

The frame is made from extruded aluminum — it is an important feature of this 3D printer, providing rigidity to the whole construction. The basis of Anycubic Chiron is the Cartesian kinematic system.

The Ultrabase Pro print bed is another handy feature of this model. The technology, developed by Anycubic specialists, provides stable adhesion of the model on the print bed surface in the process of printing and its easy removal after completion.

The Ultrabase surface has a microporous coating, which firmly grips the object in the process of printing. Once the printing is over, the print bed cools down, the micropores contract, and the ready-made printed object is easily removed from the bed.


Setting-up Procedures

The print bed leveling is performed in one of two ways — manually or via a prepacked sensor. The manufacturer recommends to perform the first calibration without using automatic equipment, with the help of four screws on the corners of the platform.

The touch-screen display is mounted at an easy-to-use angle; it quickly responds to commands.

The Anycubic Chiron extruder resembles Titan in its construction, which is highly popular among 3D enthusiasts. Titan was developed by the engineers of E3D, the well-know manufacturer from Britain. As the representatives of Anycubic say, this enables makers to work with a wide range of different filaments, such as TPU.

The 3D printer is equipped with a mechanical filament runout sensor — this useful function is essential for those, who print a lot. It allows makers to reduce the amount of defected products.



Typically, files for Anycubic 3D printers are prepared with the Cura slicing software. Alternatively, you can use other available slicers, such as Simplify3D.

In order to transfer the ready G-code into the printer database, use the package SD card or USB cable. All the connectors and hard keys are on the right-hand side of the base.

Unlike most other Chinese manufacturers, the company of Anycubic delivers its 3D printers with a full set of documentation. All the materials concerning the device — specifications, assembly and operation manual, as well as necessary software — can be found on the SD card.


3D Printing Examples



Anycubic Chiron has one of the biggest printable areas available in this segment of 3D printers. Solid robust construction, Ultrabase Pro heated bed, multi-fuel extruder, calibration sensor, and runout filament detector — such a device fully responds to the requirements of the users, who need large-format printing with guaranteed high quality results.

You can buy Anycubic Chiron at Top 3D Shop.


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