Automated Robotics for the World: YOUIBOT Brand Review

Anabelle Yearsdon
by Anabelle Yearsdon
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When it comes to modern industries, a variety of necessary tasks cannot now be performed without the aid of technology. Collaborative and autonomous mobile robots are no longer a novelty in manufacturing, medicine, science, inspection, and other demanding spheres requiring power, consistency, and precision that are hard to achieve by people but come by default in machines.

YOUIBOT Robotics is one of the world leaders in terms of development, production, and supply of innovative AMR solutions with extensive experience in unmanned optimization of business scenarios. The company’s mobile robots provide intelligent logistics, inspection, and maintenance covering a whole range of industrial challenges.

Main product lines of YOUIBOT Robotics.

Let’s take a look at YOUIBOT’s core principles, major products, and application cases demonstrating their cleverly designed solutions.


About the company

YOUIBOT Robotics is a Chinese-based manufacturer committed to providing smart robotic upgrades for a wide scope of industries. As a world-leading mobile robots and solutions producer known for their efficient AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and AGVs (automated guided vehicles), the company has core algorithms for their machines with completely independent intellectual property rights. 

The YOUIBOT robots serve as an effective means of automated internal transportation and logistics in workshops, factories, and other indoor industrial facilities around the world. Besides the domestic market, the company exports their products to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Due to their reliable protocols, high navigation accuracy, multi-level security protection, and increased battery efficiency, the machines prove useful in a wide scope of applications, such as power plant inspection, vehicle maintenance, automobile and semiconductor manufacturing, etc. 

Given the above, it is no surprise that YOUIBOT Robotics has become a trusted partner of many well-known brands, including Michelin, China Huaneng, CRRC, Faster, AVIC, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi, Huawei, and many others.

Brands that are worldwide partners of YOUIBOT Robotics.



YOUIBOT Robotics offers two major categories of robots — AMRs and AGVs — as well as relevant software that allows to plan and organize smooth and safe performance for the entire fleet of machines. With the high-precision SLAM navigation and intelligent control systems, a single YOUIBOT robot can replace up to four workers and easily adapt to 24/7 operation, which addresses labor shortage issues and leads to significantly reduced time costs. 

Based on the company’s up-to-date project portfolio, YOUIBOT solutions enable stable, efficient, and flexible manufacturing by modernizing traditional inspection and industrial logistics processes. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for global enterprises.

Main robotic solutions developed by YOUIBOT Robotics.

Operation series

The YOUIBOT AMRs from the Operation series represent a perfect combination of a mobile platform with robotic arm with a vision module, clamping jaw, and other integrated technologies available. They are designed to carry out a wide range of transfer operations, such as loading and unloading of various materials, packages, jigs, CNC machined parts, etc. between different manufacturing stages.

Currently, the company provides three operational models differing in terms of outer dimensions, speed, and storage positions — OW–8, OW–12, and OT–T12. They provide remarkable positioning accuracy of up to ±5 mm and ±1°, great working radius of 1300 mm, and decent manipulator load from 10 to 12 kg. Furthermore, the machines boast high battery capacity allowing them to operate for up to 10 hours with only 2 hours required for complete recharging.

The YOUIBOT automatic mobile robots from the Operation series.


Lifting series

The L-100 AMR from the Lifting series by YOUIBOT.

To optimize internal transportation and logistics of indoor industrial facilities, YOUIBOT offers AMRs from the advanced Lifting series. All the L robots are equipped with a rotating lifting module enabling automated transfer of heavy loads and pallets between line-side stations or from warehouses to workshops.

The series also includes three models — L300, L500, and L1000. Apart from the payload capacity stated in the name, the robots slightly vary in lifting and rotation speed determined by their weight and dimensions. They otherwise feature the same multi-level security protection, smart laser hybrid navigation algorithms, and enhanced Battery Management System that supports automatic charging and quick battery replacement.

The lightest and most compact model from the L series, the L300 AMR, nevertheless boasts rugged structural design and brand positioning accuracy. Despite its lower lifting speed compared to the series counterparts, it is ideal for warehouses or manufacturing sites with narrow passageways.

Youibot L300 Autonomous Mobile Robot
Dimensions 800 x 619 x 330 mm
Price $26,999.00

With a higher load capacity yet slower rotation speed, the L500 model is perfect for a wide scope of transportation tasks requiring more power or larger platform size. It is still great in terms of positioning accuracy (up to ±10 mm and ±1° for the entire series) and 8 hours of run-time with a full payload making for a smooth non-stop workflow.

Being the largest robot in the L series, the L1000 provides an impressive 1000 kg payload, which allows it to efficiently perform transfer, delivery, palletizing, and order processing at the largest and most demanding assembly stations, clean rooms, loading docks, stock rooms, etc. Due to its intelligent obstacles overcoming abilities, the AMR will prove useful in the majority of modern industrial challenges.


Platform series

The P-200 AMR from the YOUIBOT Platform series.

The YOUIBOT P series introduces autonomous mobile platforms able to deal with complex material handling tasks in the production sites. They come with an industrial-grade laser/QR code navigation system making for efficient optimization and automation.

With four available models covering payload needs from 200 to 1000 kg, the YOUIBOT Platform series features advanced compatibility with over 10 types of operational modules suitable for various transportation objectives arising during manufacturing processes, warehouse logistics, and security inspection. Moreover, all the P series AMRs are equipped with built-in power supply for the top module to support a remarkable standalone run-time of up to 15 hours with fast automatic charging.


Youibot P200 Autonomous Mobile Robot
Dimensions 1085 x 699 x 305 mm
Price $35,599.00

ARIS series

The YOUIBOT ARIS automatic mobile robot designed for autonomous inspection.

The YOUIBOT ARIS (Autonomous Robotic Inspection System) is capable of whole-process visualization, unmanned operation, and intelligent inspection to ensure safety and efficiency in multiple spheres. It is particularly useful for routine inspection tasks that are complicated to fulfill by humans.

The ARIS AMRs can inspect inventory with barcodes or QR codes, with the height of the object ranging from 15 mm to 15 m. Moreover, they come with the storage space duty cycle detection function. Due to automatic recognition algorithms, smart navigation system, and accurate positioning, the solution facilitates timely detection of problems and organization of maintenance works.

Automatic trolley series

The YOUIBOT AT – automatic trolley solution.

The YOUIBOT AT AMR series provides an intelligent zone picking solution for goods handling and sorting, which optimizes workflows and improves productivity while reducing picking error and personnel working time. Thanks to laser SLAM navigation technology as well as virtual tracking and independent path planning, the robot can automatically move around with repetitive positioning accuracy of up to ±10 mm.

As the model name suggests, the AT100 AMR boasts a maximum payload of 100 kg alongside movement speed of up to 1.5 m/s and 8 hours of non-stop operation. Similar to other company’s machines, it supports automatic, manual, and quick charging with a full recharge time of only 1.5 hours.


Apart from robotic equipment, YOUIBOT offers relevant control software able to solve the practical problems in smart logistics, from a single machine to the whole fleet.


YOUITMS robotic logistics system developed by YOUIBOT.

The company’s mobile robots come with the integrated self-developed YOUITMS robotic logistics system that is specially designed to effectively manage all aspects of enterprise-level multi-workshop AMR deployment. The program allows for smart robot connection, configuration, real-time monitoring, and controls. Furthermore, it includes numerous operations, users, units, orders, and deliveries management functions as well as advanced data visualization and analysis. 

YOUITMS user interface.

With YOUITMS and built-in robot safety features, it is easy to deploy the YOUIBOT AMRs and ensure their efficient collaboration with other machines and human staff.


To simplify multi-robot communication and task assignment, YOUIBOT provides the proprietary YOUIFleet scheduling application for effective fleet management. With this intelligent multi-machine control system, the user gets a complete set of commands and navigation methods to organize a well-coordinated robotic environment with cross-scenario hybrid scheduling.

YOUIFleet program interface.

YOUIFleet enables quick and remote deployment of multiple robots with separate configurations, optimized path planning and traffic control management, real-time monitoring of each machine, smart task execution, technical data collection, etc.

This is how various types of AMRs can function as a single system thanks to the YOUIFleet app:




Present-day industrial logistics creates a number of difficulties in internal transportation and material handling that become increasingly complex and diverse. With current market development requirements, it is hard to tackle the problem without relying on technical advances, such as adaptable, reliable, safe and cost-effective AMRs. They are created to optimize and facilitate manufacturing workflows through effective collaboration and replacement of human labor. 

YOUIBOT Robotics is highly experienced in the introduction of mobile robots in a wide range of industries. Their machines are a valuable acquisition for industrial logistics, intelligent inspection, and other applications in need of cutting-edge technical solutions.

By implementation of various AMRs in repetitive and time-consuming activities, YOUIBOT helps large businesses to reduce human error and risk of injuries, lower operating costs, and increase productivity alongside work rates and flexibility of warehouse operations.

Let’s take a look at the major use cases for the YOUIBOT products.

Automotive industry

With the rising demand for customized automotive parts, frequent turnover, tight deadlines, and coherence of all the processes on the production line, robotic solutions are a must to improve logistics efficiency within the automotive industry.

YOUIBOT solutions for the automotive industry.

The AMRs with lifting, storing and conveyor line modules take an essential part in automated material circulation, picking, sorting, and comprehensive monitoring to significantly boost productivity of assembly lines, workshops, and entire factories.

3C industry

Speaking of the 3C industry, there are a lot of inconveniences that can be easily eliminated by robotic logistics solutions. For example, tight working environments, complex manufacturing processes, and excessive item handling. The YOUIBOT AMRs are capable of quick, agile, secure and efficient transfer of materials, parts and manufactured goods even in the smallest warehouses.

YOUIBOT solutions for the 3C industry.

Display panel industry

When it comes to display panel production, some serious challenges arise, like strict safety requirements, fragility of products which affects their transportation, time constraints, and complexity of the whole process. Still, a mobile robot system helps to manage the production line and warehouse operations at the whole new level.

YOUIBOT solutions for the display panel industry.

YOUIBOT provides roller-type and forklift robots that in combination with the YOUIFLeet and YOUITMS systems ensure effective material handling without human personnel involved. This makes for better inventory record as well as smooth production automation.

Electronic semiconductor industry

Not all tasks can be safely performed by people. So in the case of semiconductor manufacturing, there is a problem with efficiency of manual error-prone objectives due to high vibration, contamination, discontinuous operation, and low accuracy. Furthermore, there are some strict requirements to working conditions, such as dust-free, antistatic ability as well as vibration standards.

YOUIBOT AMRs enable well-organized loading, unloading and transportation of necessary materials for intelligent and flexible operation of semiconductor production workshops.

IDC inspection

Manual inspections require a high level of expertise, responsibility and traceability, which can be provided by the YOUIBOT automated inspection robots. They are capable of 24/7 operation while offering one-stop IDC and maintenance management.

The YOUIBOT ARIS AMR for IDC inspection.

Equipped with a vertical lifting and lowering module, YOUIBOT IDC robots provide sufficient inspection height compared to other machines as well as precise real-time calculations and thorough feedback on their activity. With all inspection standards determined in advance, the identification accuracy of these AMRs meets 99%.

Order fulfillment strategy

YOUIBOT automated trolley series designed for efficient order fulfillment.

The company’s automated trolley series presents perfect smart assistants able to effectively fulfill sorting and picking tasks. These AMRs are specifically designed to minimize human labor and optimize accuracy and efficiency of retrieving multiple orders from the assigned location (batch picking).

The idea is presented in the YOUIBOT official video on the matter:

Warehouse inventory management

With thousands of square meters of warehouses and 15-meter high shelves, it is necessary to obtain, filter and check cargo information quickly and accurately, not to mention real-time feedback on processing and automatic generation of inventory reports.

YOUIBOT decided to deploy AMRs in large warehouses to ensure intelligent cargo location identification and database management. By filtering and automatically generating task reports, the robots digitized enormous amounts of information on the provided inventory in a streamlined and cost-effective way.

Check out the realization of this project in the video below:


ARIS-K2 anti-epidemic robot

In 2020, the world faced a coronavirus pandemic that determined a corresponding vector of development. YOUIBOT promptly introduced an indoor mobile multi-point ultraviolet disinfection robot with infrared body temperature monitoring, temperature deviation detection, and decontamination functionality — ARIS-K2. With laser SLAM navigation algorithms and reliable construction, it was a find for hospitals, airports, shopping malls, stations, offices, production sites, etc.

Some spheres of application of the YOUIBOT ARIS-K2 anti-epidemic robot.

By using short-wave ultraviolet rays for disinfection, the ARIS-K2 model is capable of destroying the DNA and RNA of germs within a few minutes, which can effectively kill 99.99% of the bacteria including multi-drug resistant ones.


Bottom line

YOUIBOT Robotics provides increasingly flexible, safe and productive robotic solutions capable of fulfilling a wide scope of routine, complex, and tedious tasks in various industrial and manufacturing environments, including transportation, delivery, palletizing, inspection, and order processing operations. Thus, their price is fully justified by the high degree of automation and optimization delivered by the company’s AMRs and related software.

It goes without saying that the reasonable implementation of the YOUIBOT autonomous mobile robots allows workshops, factories, warehouses, and production facilities that apply manual procedures to improve the intralogistics management process, optimize material flow and task assignment, reduce downtime and workforce scarcity as well as remove health and safety risks for their employees.


How is the safety of the YOUIBOT AMRs ensured?
To provide necessary security in accordance with the standards of modern industrial settings, the company’s robots are equipped with a frontal 3D camera for obstacle detection, safety laser LiDAR scanners for accurate navigation, emergency stop buttons on both sides, status indicators and safety bumpers all around the machine.
Where can I get a charging station for my YOUIBOT?
The YOUIBOT auto charger station is available for separate purchase as well as the YOUIFleet system. You can find the appropriate options in the “Add-ons and extras” section on the corresponding product page.
How many machines is it possible to simultaneously control with the YOUIFleet system?
The YOUIFleet scheduling system is capable of delivering a fully safe coordinated fleet collaboration of up to 150 AMRs in the same scenario.
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Anabelle Yearsdon
Updated Mar 14, 2023
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