Anet 3D Printers

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Anet 3D printers, the best bang for your buck.

Anet company is a leading Chinese manufacturer that produces a wide range of FDM, DIY, and DLP 3D printers. It is particularly famous for its self-assembly offer which includes the popular Anet A8, also known as one of the cheapest clones of the Prusa i3 MK3, and its big brother, the Anet A6. According to the countless reviews on the major 3D printing websites and blogs, the two seem to be the best Anet 3D printers available for sale.

DIY printers

When talking about DIY 3D printers, we mean machines that you have to assembly from scratch. They are cheaper than assembled ones and easily upgradable to get professional results. Then, if you like dabbling, Anet 3D printers are just your type. 

Anet assembly kits

Each printer comes into a box containing all the necessary to build it up. Nozzles, control board, heat bed, tube, screws, and all the tiniest components are well-packed and protected. The kits include a MicroSD memory card which contains detailed assembly instructions, a free 3D printing software, the Cura slicer, which is highly recommended for all the beginners thanks to it ease of use and user-friendliness.

You only have to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to easily setup and startup your machine. Trust us, anyone can safely do it. Then, either if you are a newbie, an enthusiast, or a maker just take it easy and start putting your new printer together. In case of need, the official Anet 3D printer support community and the Anet fan pages will be ready to help you.

In addition, once you know the inner-workings of your machine, you can easily handle any breakdown or upgrade. Replacing parts, filament retraction issues, printing setting, and custom leveling won't hold any secret for you.

Anet A8

Now, imagine. Your Anet A8 is ready to print, perfectly assembled and calibrated. Open your mind and start building all sorts of awesome stuff you want. Indeed, when properly set up and upgraded, this affordable printer can provide professional-grade outputs.

Its rugged acrylic frame and its large build volume of 220x220x240mm make it a solid and capable device. It can operate independently without any computer connection. Its firmware provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates your printing experience. It has flexible extruder and an accurate heated print bed, which allow printing with a huge range of different filaments. You won't have to settle for PLA and ABS. This means that you can create everything you want, from functional parts to funny ones. If the filament runs out while printing, you only have to pause the print, change the spool, and resume the work. Thanks to its versatility, you will be able to print any enhancement for your machine by yourself. Once upgraded, your Anet A8 will print just like professional devices. This is fantastic, isn't it? Expanding your printer functionalities and improving its print quality has never been so easy and convenient.

Anet itself has also released an upgrade of the A8 model, the A8M double, which features a dual extruder, an internal protection device for temperature detection, and a delivery belt buckle button. It also produces an FDM version, the A8 Plus, with metal body and fast assembly.

Anet A6

Like the Anet A8, the Anet A6 is an extremely cheap and entirely modifiable 3D printer. You only have to customize its features and hardware to create industrial-quality 3D models at affordable prices. The A6 printer includes all the specs of the A8 version with some extras. It has a larger build volume of 220x220x250mm and a comfortable rotatable knob which facilitates the navigation through the printing menu.

Anet A series

There are other 3 interesting Anet A models you should be aware of: the A4, the A3, and the A2 plus. These printers mainly differ for build volume, design, weight, and price. All the three come with an aluminum frame, only the A3 also features an acrylic version and it is preassembled. As do-it-yourself printers, the A4 and the A2 provide clear assembly instructions which make their set-up easier.

Anet E series

The E Series counts 3 models: E12, E10, and E2. The three show an aluminum frame, which ensures more stability and precision, and support TPU filaments, which are highly resistant, wear-proof and elastic. The Anet E12 features a build volume of 300x300x400mm, a great plus considering its low price.

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