Snapmaker 3D printers

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Snapmaker 3d printers: all-in-one machines, countless opportunities

Born in 2016, Snapmaker immediately hit the top 3 of Kickstarter most funded technology projects. The team started from a simple but challenging idea: allow anyone to enter the 3D printing world by developing cost-effective multifunctional machines. They moved beyond the traditional price, quality, and usability limitations letting ordinary consumers experience high-quality 3D printing in a cheap and quick way. 

Undertaking their goal required a strong effort in developing functional hardware and software and establishing a friendly support community. Every detail has been taken into account to get the best user experience ever. In addition, Snapmaker collects user feedback and suggestions to constantly review the technical specs of its printers and to improve their functionalities.

Snapmaker printers are perfect for personal and familiar use, prototyping, and education.

Snapmaker 3D models

The company now produces two 3-in-1 modular 3D printers made of aluminum. The two models currently available for sale are the original Snapmaker and the Snapmaker 2.0. They are both built with swappable modules which allow assembling, transforming and upgrading the printers in a snap. They feature 3 different functional heads for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CnC carving. All the functions are performed very well and make these printers a versatile work station. Obviously, the company also provides a 3-in-1 free software, Snapmakerjs, to easily manage your executive files. However, the machines also support Cura software and others.

The setup and startup of these hybrid machines is as easy as taking a photo. Both printers show a solid all-metal frame which ensures stability and accuracy. They support a vast assortment of materials that allow you to create intricate shapes. The printers are generally sold entirely open, but you can buy the additional Enclosure V1.1 to make your operating printer safer. 

The 2.0 version is a smart upgrade of the original one, as the name says, and includes a few little beauties that might interest you. Indeed, it comes with redesigned controller, filament detection sensor and Wi-Fi. It is also faster and larger than the previous version. Furthermore, Snapmaker 2.0 is available with three different printing sizes: 160x160x145mm, 230x250x235mm, 320x350x330mm. The original Snapmaker has only one size of 125x125x125mm instead. The working size of their CnC and laser modules consider only width and depth values.

Snapmakers comes with everything you might need to enter the maker world. Don’t wait, buy your all-in-one Snapmaker printer and there you go, easy as pie.

Snapmaker support

You can directly contact Snapmaker help center to get technical assistance and obtain any kind of information you might need. Otherwise, on the official website you can find almost anything, from knowledge base, tutorials, guides, manuals, and downloadable files, to additional accessories and replacement parts, such as cnc bits, hot ends, tubes, and more.

Snapmaker also has an active and efficient community with a dedicated forum where people share all their tips, doubts, printing files, and more.

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