Tronxy 3D printers

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Tronxy 3D printers, take your hobby to the next level for little money

Made in Shenzen, Tronxy 3D printers are among the best-selling printing machines currently available in stores. Indeed, their low price tag is like catnip to consumers. Tronxy products are mainly aimed at beginners, hobbyists, and students. They provide you with all the basic functions required to enjoy a good printing experience at home or in the schools.

Tronxy 3D printers

The Chinese manufacturer offers a variety of cheap devices sold as kits or fully assembled. There are three different Tronxy series currently available for sale: Tronxy P802, Tronxy X, and Tronxy C.  

The acrylic P802 series includes the Anet A8 style Tronxy P802MA, the P802M, and the P802E. The metal X series counts 14 different models, the most popular surely are the Tronxy X5S, X3S and X3SA, and X1. The C series includes Tronxy C2 and C5, which are kid-friendly safe 3D printers perfect for home design, food, medical, and aviation applications. 

Do-it-yourself printers

If you want to experience how it feels when building a 3D printer than it’s your time. Assembling your own Tronxy printer will let you have a better understanding of how it works and how to use it. Each DIY kit comes with its own assembly instructions and with some pre-assembled components. The build manual allows you to easily put all the parts together. If you have any doubts, by browsing online you will find a lot of assembly videos and reviews that will make your building process easier. Once completing the setup and calibration of the printer, you are ready to start.


Sizes and assembly difference aside, Tronxy 3D printers share a bunch of common features which make them ideal for users on a budget. Their cost is astonishingly low, this means that you can have a functioning 3D printer starting from 150$. It’s a good deal, isn’t it?

The cheapest models mainly support PLA filaments. Models equipped with a heated bed and advanced components, like the Tronxy X5S, allow printing with a wider range of materials like ABS, PVC, Nylon or PET-G. Most Tronxy printers come with a Repetier-Host software pre-installed, but they are also compatible with slicer programs like Simplify3D. You only have to export your 3D models as STL and G-code file types to get them printed.

Support and community

Tronxy customer care is at your disposal for any inquiry. Each page of Tronxy website shows all the contact information required to easily get in touch with them. On the official website, you’ll also find replacement parts, printing accessories, drivers, firmware, and more.

To get faster and active support, just join Tronxy community. They will provide you with a lot of tips, tutorials and troubleshooting tools that will make your 3D printing adventure a breeze.

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