December 21, 2022 2243
The Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ is the latest iteration of Prusa Research’s legendary i3 FDM 3D printer.
December 21, 2022 1646
The Prusa Research company was founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa, a Czech maker and inventor.
December 21, 2022 558
In the world of 3D scanners, hybrid models are no longer rare, but what about quality-to-price ratio?
December 13, 2022 749
The Chinese-based manufacturer Flashforge has expanded its reach into the professional FDM 3D printing market.
December 13, 2022 857
Well-known in 3D printing industry for its FDM consumer 3D printers, the Flashforge company is extending the lineup with professional machines aimed at industrial customers’ needs.
December 13, 2022 799
Founded in 2011, the Chinese-based Flashforge company has become one of the most recognized 3D printer manufacturers around the world.
December 13, 2022 2138
The Chinese-based Flashforge company has been developing 3D printing equipment, materials, and software since 2011.
December 8, 2022 496
Ceramics are definitely a major step in industrial 3D printing.
December 7, 2022 862
The Raise3D company has recently unveiled its Hyper FFF technology which establishes a new standard for industrial FFF printing.
November 24, 2022 671
The Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company is specialized in development and manufacturing of bionic quadruped robots and robotic arms.
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